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What is Paradigm?

Web 1 on 1 coaching

Paradigm seeks to improve the lives of men who wish to embrace a healthier lifestyle through nutrition, exercise, and wellness. Paradigm will give you the online coaching, education, advice, and support in congruence to your health, nutrition, and fitness goals. We take the time to get to know you and tailor a program that best fits you and your health and fitness aspirations.

About the Coach

My name is Owen and I have been in the health, wellness, and fitness field personally and professionally for 15 years. My journey first started when I was a teenager playing football and wanting to get stronger and faster. My passion for exercise led my to pursue a bachelors and a masters degree in the field. throughout my college and professional career I have had the pleasure working as a personal trainer, working with very high caliber athletes a strength and conditioning coach, and also working with a the patient population as an exercise physiologist. My mission is teach and help people take advantage of exercise and nutritional medicine. What I offer that other coaches do not is the diversity of skills that I have obtained by experiencing all aspects of the exercise industry. The multiple disciplines of the exercise field that I have collaborates to an approach to health and fitness that other coaches and trainers do not traditionally experience in their careers.

How does Paradigm Ensure Success?

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The major aspects of overall heath is nutrition, exercise, and stress management.  Paradigm provides the tools at improving these aspects by tailored plans and motivational coaching.

Nutrition and exercise programs are research based that enhance the bodies metabolism. Paradigm does not condone fad or crash diets that result in rapid unnatural weight loss or muscle gain that compromises the body long term and decreases likeness of long term success.

No matter how hopeless you may feel taking control at this aspect of your life we are here to let you know that you can do this! Let us provide the tools you need to be successful at achieving better health, fitness, and quality of life!